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Busting Common Myths and Misconceptions About Acne Scars

Acne scars are common for people of all ages in Fort Worth, Texas, and can be physically and emotionally damaging. It’s essential to understand the causes of acne scars and the best treatment. Aim for the best specialist in acne scars in Fort Worth, TX, for the proper assistance. We’ll bust some common myths and misconceptions about acne scars.

Blood Purifiers Can Help Clear Acne Scars

Blaming acne scars on poor blood circulation is a widespread belief among people who have them. In other words, the more “purified” your blood is, the less visible or noticeable your scars will be. There are numerous products and supplements you can buy from the market that claim to purify your blood, so it’d work better in dissolving your acne scars. 

Nonetheless, there’s not a single piece of research that has shown this to be true whatsoever. No minerals or hormones are found in the blood that can better dissolve the collagen fibers under your skin.

High Body Temperatures Causes Acne Scars

Only old acne scars can be caused by high body temperature, but new ones cannot. This myth probably came from the fact that you’re more likely to have a pimple or two on your skin when it’s hot out, which somehow made people believe that heat causes acne. In reality, high temperatures do not contribute to acne scars. 

However, very high temperatures can cause your skin to overproduce sebum and increase oil gland activity. It will lead to more breakouts and give the pimples time to leave their mark on your skin.

Sugar Causes Acne Scars

It’s a common belief that overeating sugar can worsen your acne scars. However, there’s no research to support this claim. Studies on mice have found that high sugar intake can increase the risk of developing acne but not worsen it. Dermatologists recommend chicken or fish rather than having lots of sugar because they “cause inflammation.” 

Sugar does cause an inflammatory response in your body, but only because it’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and given a much faster energy boost than usual. However, sugar alone can’t cause acne in people who don’t turn out to be predisposed to the condition.

You Only Need To Cleanse The Area Where Your Acne Scar Is

It’s pretty standard for people to think that washing the area where their acne scar is will be enough to get rid of it. However, this is far from being true. You may have heard of dermatologists instructing their patients to wash their skin with antibacterial soap daily, but that’s so they can reduce the risk of developing another pimple. 

Cleaning the area where your acne scar is will only make it look more prominent because you’re spreading the same bacteria that caused your spots in the first place. If you want to clean that area of your skin, use a gentle soap and avoid scrubbing it afterward.

Acne scars can be a source of embarrassment for many people, and it’s essential to understand their causes to treat them properly. At the same time, sift the correct information from the common myths and misconceptions about acne scars. It helps you seek the proper treatment.