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Are You Planning to Move Your Car from Oregon to Idaho?

If you are up-to-date with the latest news then you must be aware that 5 rural Oregon counties have recently voted in favor of moving permanently to Idaho for joining a much more conservative political environment.

These counties are Sherman, Malheur, Baker, Grant, and Lake counties where all voters have passed a measure and due to that county officials have to discuss about moving the Idaho border to the west, and also incorporate their population. 

Now all these counties would join Jefferson and Union counties in Idaho. The majority of industries in these counties who voted to join Idaho, mostly are from the timber, mining, farming, and trucking industry.

As a result many people from Oregon may decide to move to Idaho very soon and there will be too much of a rush to ship their cars too. If you are looking for the best way to ship a car from Oregon to Idaho then you must consider service from Ship a Car, Inc.

SAC can deliver superior shipping service for those who want to relocate their vehicles, due to recent political development, as most of the businesses are relocating their business along with their heavy haul equipment. 

SAC is one of the most experienced transport brokers having direct access to most of the network of carriers. All that you need to do is give a simple call and everything will fall back as you would like. While availing of a service from Ship A Car, besides transporting your cars safely you will also have complete peace of mind. 

How to prepare yourself for shipping your car?

When you are going to book for any car transport services to Idaho, then you must keep the following few key things in your mind.

  • Inquire about the accepted payment methods

Usually, the acceptable payment forms of different shipping companies may not be the same. There are lots of variations from company to company. Therefore, before you try to book their services, you must inquire about their methods of payment.

This will avoid any confusion during the last moment when you go for booking. Some companies may demand certain advance money during the booking while a few companies take the full payment after the delivery of the car at the destination place. 

  • Request for GPS tracking of your car

Most companies nowadays offer the tracking option when your car will be shipped. Most people may offer you a GPS tracking system while few other companies may provide you the contact number of the driver so that you can call and find the present position of your vehicle. 

  • Do proper inspection while delivering your car

As you deliver your car while booking, make sure that you have thoroughly inspected your car. Take the photographs from several angles and also give a copy of your inspection report to the transporter.  

Make sure that you also inspect your car while receiving it at the destination. Check for any blemishes in your paint, dents or bumps, or anything that didn’t exist before while handing over the car.