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An MBA in Supply Chain Management: An Overview

When you’re looking to earn an MBA, several questions will come to mind. While considering where an MBA fits into your career path, where to go to school, and when to start, there is also the question of perusing a concentration. Many MBAs focus on key and vital areas of the modern business world. Depending on your industry and career goals, focusing on a specific specialization can be highly beneficial. One such area of focus many MBA candidates find very useful to peruse is an MBA Supply Chain Management. Supply chains are one of the most important parts of many industries and while not as readily visible as some other parts of the business world, without a good supply chain many companies would not be able to function. Here’s more information about this highly practical area of study.

Specific Courses and Topics

An aspect of a supply chain MBA is that, in addition to common areas of study such as finances, it includes several highly focused courses. These topics can include logistics, global supply chains, sourcing, and procurement of inventory, innovation, operations, quality assurance, and inventory control. These courses teach you vital skills such as how to manage a supply chain, perform analytics, forecast future needs, forecast current sales figures, manage a large warehouse, use of highly specialized software, reduction of risks, and others.

Knowing If a Supply Chain MBA Is Right For You

MBAs are one of the most popular types of advanced degrees offered by institutions of higher learning. MBAs are very flexible with several focuses you can choose to study. As MBAs are needed in many industries you can find an MBA to fit very specific career goals and needs. With so many choices you may be wondering if a supply chain MBA is the best fit for you. Here are some reasons you may want to peruse this course of study.

The key factor that ties people together who peruse a supply chain MBA is a simple interest in the topic. You want to work in the supply chain industry. You may be working in it already or have a desire to do so in the future. No matter where you are in your career, if you want to work with supply chains, an MBA focused on the topic is a very good fit. It is also a degree that sees a lot of interest from those who already hold a STEM degree of some type and draws equal levels of interest from men and women alike.

Types of Jobs You Can Do With an MBA in Supply Chain Management

Naturally, you’ll want to know how this degree can help your career. It is a diverse degree that can lead to jobs in various areas of supply chain management such as logistics, item procurement, and broader supply chain planning. Jobs in the technology field also attract a lot of employees who hold a Master of Supply Chain Management. It’s a focused area of study that has a broad application because supply chains are so vital in business. You could work in an assortment of jobs in the private and public sectors, ranging from consumer goods found at retail to larger items such as automobiles or industry-specific heavy equipment.

Final Thoughts

Investing in yourself is one of the most consistent ways of improving your career. By getting an MBA you gain knowledge and experience to work in a variety of fields that are in high demand. Jobs in the supply chain industry are needed by some of the biggest companies and industry leaders. If you have an interest in supply chains as a career, an MBA in Supply Chain Management can be highly effective in guiding and shaping your profession.