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Advantages of Digital X-Rays

X-rays are an imaging technique that has been in use since the beginning of the 1990s. The imaging technique helps diagnose different health issues, such as tumors, bone fractures, injuries, abnormalities, and pneumonia signs in the lungs. Radiography utilizes ionizing and non-ionizing radiation to quickly capture and produce an image of the internal structures of your body. The imaging procedure is popular because it is non-invasive and exposes you to less radiation. However, over the last few years, New York digital X-Rays have increasingly replaced traditional x-rays. Digital radiography instantly creates digital images on the computer using plates sensitive to X-rays.

One of the main reasons health experts may slowly adopt digital x-rays is because of the initial expenses involved in the purchase. However, remember that digital radiography has many benefits over traditional x-rays. Consequently, below are a few common advantages of using digital x-rays.

It is cost effective

If you once owned a camera during the era of photographic film, you will understand how producing photographs used to be expensive. Buying and processing Kodak film was costly.

Like older cameras, traditional x-rays also use a photographic film, thus are expensive to buy and use. On the contrary, digital x-rays, like your digital camera, come with a lot of storage space, produces superior images, and allow the transfer or sending of pictures to an external storage device. So, in the long term, they are relatively cheaper.

Easier to store and retrieve

An image on a photographic film is challenging to preserve and retrieve for later use as it is prone to gradual degradation.

But, if you have a digital image, you have various options for storage, which are not affected by the loss of color and quality.

Transferring the pictures from one doctor to another can happen with a simple click after an examination. With the right technology,  x-ray images can reach the intended recipient without disappearing or being accessed by an unauthorized person.

It is much safer

When your doctor diagnoses your health problem with digital x-rays, the technology exposes you to about 80% less radiation than conventional x-rays.

High-image quality

The production of high-quality images allows your health expert to examine the specific body part in great detail to detect an injury or abnormality.

Also, the images can undergo manipulation like enlarging or increasing contrast so that your doctor unearths hard-to-find problems. Manipulation of digital x-ray images is possible without interfering with their quality.

Highly efficient

Your health expert or physician will only need to click a mouse to capture images of your body’s internal organs and structures. Because there is speedy production of images, you do not have to wait until another time to know if the procedure produced more precise, high-quality results.

The efficient capturing of internal images of your body allows your doctor to start developing the best possible treatment plan for your injury or condition immediately.

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