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A Good Way to End Your Depression Problem

If you have not suffered depression, at least you count yourself lucky. Depression makes you feel isolated and overwhelmed. The feeling may take longer to go away, affecting your life negatively. Patients will struggle with antidepressants which help relieve pain temporarily, but that does not end the feeling as it keeps recurring. However, if your depression has persisted for a long time, you can try ketamine near me, which effectively fights depression. The treatment therapy is effective, and the results begin immediately. Once you go for treatment, your depression begins to go away, and eventually, you are back to your daily life. Here are a few causes of depression you should know.

Substance Abuse

When people result in using substances, their health begins to deteriorate. Most patients with depression have a history of fighting drug abuse. Once you are used to drugs and cannot quit, and on the other hand, you have no finances to acquire drugs, depression will kick in. Other patients who have had depression issues also turn to substance abuse as a way of fighting the stigma. Both scenarios have a history of causing depression and making the life of these patients more miserable. Most of them end up in rehab, while others lose their lives.

Trauma And Stress

People face many encounters in life, and others are life-threatening. When you lose a loved one or encounter a life-changing situation such as divorce or losing a job, these incidents may lead to depression. Some people may manage to handle and fight the problem, but others have a soft heart which makes them suffer. The high-stress level after the trauma may trigger people to go into depression. A hormone released during traumatic moments, known as cortisol, drives patients to depression.

Hormonal Changes

 The body operates effectively when there is a balance in hormone production. Hormones are responsible for regulating the body’s performance and ensuring there are no abnormalities. However, when you experience an over or underproduction of hormones, it affects your body functioning. People, especially those with premenopausal signs, have high levels of hormones, which puts them at risk of developing depression. Also, high hormone levels produced during menstruation or pregnancy may contribute to depression. A balance of hormones in the body is essential to help prevent any trigger that may throw a person into depression.


Different conditions are genetically transmitted. If your parents have ever suffered depression, you also have a high chance of suffering from the same problem. Most of these symptoms arise when the child reaches adolescence and proceed to affect them during adulthood. Therefore, genetics highly contribute to depression development in most cases. That is why there is a high need for regular checks and tracing of a person’s history to identify any genetic conditions that may affect the future generation.

Most people struggle with depression without finding a proper remedy. They live on antidepressants which are sometimes not effective. One needs proper treatment to help them live normal lives and avoid overreliance on medications. If you or your loved ones are struggling with depression, ketamine therapy can be a good remedy to address depression. You only need to act fast before the condition takes a toll on your life.