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6 Self-Care Tips to Prevent the Lower Back Pain

Your lumbar spine is a crucial organ in providing stability in your body. It comprises the vertebrae, which, together with the ligaments, support the weight exerted by the upper body parts, such as the neck. Consequently, the organ transmits the body part’s weight to the legs. However, the excessive load on the lumbar spine can cause an increase in stress which can trigger low back conditions Edison. These conditions ignite the pain in the lower back, limiting your flexibility and mobility. Here are 6 simple self-care tips to prevent lower back pain.

Check Your Sleeping Positions

How you sleep is one of the determinants of your spine wellness. Sleeping on your back increases strain on your spine, igniting pain in your back. Always sleep on your side to avoid any strain on your lumbar spine. If you sleep on your stomach, you should place a pillow beneath your abdomen.

Manage Your Stress

You may not know how being stressed can impact your health. When you are depressed, your muscle tension increases which is a painful experience, especially on your back. Therefore, you should avoid engaging in situations that may expose you to stress. Practice the stress reduction therapies such as meditation and deep breathing in case you are stressed.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the lifestyle habits that can cause health complications, especially in the long run. For instance, if you are a smoker, you are more likely to develop chronic pain in your back. Nicotine elements usually block the blood vessels, thus reducing the amount of oxygen-rich blood getting to the spine. The inadequate supply of oxygen to the spine increases the spine’s vulnerability to injuries and retard its healing process in case of injuries.

Maintain an Appropriate Posture

You may not know what you are doing to your back when you spend a long time slouching over your computer. Notably, bending for a long time can interrupt your back’s natural curves, which puts you at risk of lower back pain. Therefore you should sit upright with your head aligned with your spine. Invest in ergonomic chairs to ensure you sit in the correct posture while operating the computer.

Eat Right

Your eating habits also define the wellness of your lumbar spine. Poor eating habits can cause the accumulation of fats in the body’s upper part, which eventually exerts more pressure on the lumbar spine. It would help if you replaced spicy meals with natural vegetables and fruits.

Physical Exercises

Many people mistake the power of exercise, claiming that remaining inactive can help prevent injuries in the back. However, keeping your muscles in motion is an effective way to avoid back pain. Also, through workouts, you enhance the flexibility of the joints, thus avoiding the rigidity that can cause wear and tear. You should therefore engage in activities such as walking and sit-ups to boost your spine’s wellness.

Lower back pain is one of the spine conditions which can limit the victims’ quality of life. Adopting the above lifestyle modification can help reduce the risk of back pain. However, if you notice that your lower back pain is not going away, you should seek medical intervention. Jeff Pan, MD, uses his vast experience to offer reliable treatment to patients with low back conditions. Schedule an online appointment and visit their office in Edison, New Jersey, to mark the end of your suffering.