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5 Factors That Determine the Right Candidate for Effortless IVF

Trying for a child without success can be very frustrating for any couple. The solution to such a predicament can be time-consuming and expensive, and that is why Dr. Kevin Doody Bedford, developed effortless IVF. The process requires a candidate or candidates with certain characteristics for a successful outcome.

Effortless IVF versus traditional IVF

Effortless IVF uses a device called INVOcell, which is inserted into the vagina. The device contains the egg and sperm used for fertilization. After a 5-day incubation period, the fertilized egg is transferred to the uterus for implantation.

Traditional IVF involves the egg fertilized outside the body and then transferred into the uterus for implantation. The process requires many visits to the doctor, while effortless IVF requires fewer visits.

The factors that determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure


Effortless IVF works well for women up to the age of 45. Women who are 45 and below make the best candidates because their bodies can produce viable eggs that are crucial for a successful procedure and outcome.


Body Mass Index (BMI) below 35 is most desirable because it indicates the woman’s health. The key is for you to be in a normal range of weight. It would be best if you were not underweight or overweight to avoid complications during the pregnancy and affect the outcome.

Quality and quantity of eggs

Women lose eggs with age. Women in their 20s are the most fertile, and the fertility rate tends to decline with age. 30-year-old women with a problem with conceiving can get pregnant with effortless IVF. Women can use medications to increase the success rate of the process.

Quality and quantity of sperms

Men with a low sperm count or sperm motility are good candidates for the procedure. Your doctor will recommend treatment and lifestyle changes that might affect your sperm count and motility. Before you start the procedure, your specialist will have you undergo tests for evaluation and treatment.

Unexplained infertility

Couples who have tried to conceive without success are highly encouraged by doctors to seek effortless IVF treatment. The couple must have tried to get pregnant actively and, on top of that, undergone tests that find them in good health but have no explanation for not getting pregnant.

The benefits of effortless IVF

Effortless IVF is more beneficial to clients than the traditional IVF treatment concerning the following factors:

  • Time-saving
  • Cost-effective
  • High success rates

What to do before the procedure

Both men and women can prepare for the process by incorporating certain actions in their lives, like maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, and limiting or eliminating alcohol and smoking.

If you are a couple trying to conceive but are yet to get pregnant, it might be a good idea to seek medical intervention. Effortless IVF is a procedure that is affordable and less time-consuming than a traditional IVF treatment. The staff at the Effortless IVF center are qualified and friendly and will guide you through every step.

You can visit, call, or make an appointment online today and start the journey of becoming a parent.