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Which Health Services to Expect in a Family Practice

Your health status determines the quality of your life. And as you take care of your health, it is also essential to protect and consider the ones your love. When choosing your family healthcare practice, it is good to ensure the availability of all health services your family will need. You may also consider the cost and convenience. Cary Generations Family Practice is a family medicine practice in North Carolina providing quality health services to cater to all your family’s health concerns. This piece will take you through the services to expect in family practice.

Diabetes Control

It’s among the most common chronic conditions. It may occur due to unhealthy lifestyles or from genetics. Diabetes affects your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar.

Diabetes has no cure, but you can live healthily and improve your life quality with proper disease management. When not treated, diabetes puts you at risk of health complications, including heart disease.

Your family health provider helps you manage diabetes by recommending lifestyle modifications, including healthy eating, weight loss, and avoiding sugary beverages. You may also get medication prescriptions to maintain your blood sugar levels.

Preventive medicine

Preventative care allows us to maintain our health for a long time and lowers the risk for health issues. Preventive medicine can also identify potential health problems and get early treatments.

Preventive medicine involves the following services.

  • Health education
  • Wellness exams
  • Cancer screening
  • Medical weight loss
  • Psychological evaluations
  • STIs testing and treatment
  • Vaccinations
  • Birth control for women
  • Pelvic exams
  • Prostate exams
  • Developmental evaluations
  • Vision and hearing screenings

The appointment also involves your provider checking your vital signs, performing your physical exam, reviewing your medical history, taking diagnostic tests, and providing treatments.

Weight loss Program

Usually, excessive weight increases your risk of health complications such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, or blood pressure. Weight loss helps you achieve a healthy weight while lowering your chances of diseases.

There are various methods for weight loss, including diets and regular exercise. The truth is weight loss does not come that easily, and the methods may not work for everyone.

Medical weight loss programs provide effective weight loss results and help you maintain your results.

Anxiety and depression management

In today’s world, anxiety and depression are common. Living with these mental health conditions primarily affects your life quality. The following symptoms may indicate you have anxiety and depression.

  • Insomnia
  • Feeling weak and tired
  • Shortness breath
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Restlessness
  • A rapid heart rate
  • Significant weight loss

Seeking help is always your first step to healing. Please consult your medical provider if you have some of the above signs.

Back pain management

Back pain is common after a long day of work, which should go away after rest. But when your back pain lasts longer than usual, you might want to schedule your appointment with your provider.

Proper diagnosis helps determine the cause of your back pain and designs proper treatment.

Good health allows you to enjoy life to the fullest. However, a few things make it possible: a healthy weight, a healthy lifestyle, regular health check-ups, and more. It would be best to make your doctor your friend where you have your health needs met when they arise. Contact Generations Family Practice today for an appointment.