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When Is the Right Time to Consult an Endodontist?

Endodontists are the teeth specialists. They work to help their patients maintain healthy teeth for longer years. These specialists are trained specially to handle all kinds of dental techniques and also the equipment and tools that are associated with their procedures. Their commitment lies in keeping the natural teeth in their best health for a longer time.

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What Makes Endodontists the Experts 

The complex treatments that are followed in dental care are quite complex and require experts that have excellent command over their hands and eyes. Hence, the dental experts that have completed their 2 to 3 years of advanced training are the eligible candidates to pursue their endodontic careers.

All the complex teeth-care services will be handled by the endodontists including some of the treatments such as the root canal procedure, removal of the painful tooth from the root, and so on.

Right Time to Visit an Endodontist 

Some of the instances and situations will make it necessary for you to look for an endodontist to help you with your dental care. Most people do not follow the habit of visiting the dentist periodically because they are either afraid or uncomfortable to get some procedures done on their teeth. Such people may require immediate endodontic assistance from an expert to save their natural teeth.

Many instances will urge you to look for an endodontist and they are listed below.

  • When you are experiencing a toothache
  • When there is swelling around any of the teeth or on the gum layer, or anywhere in your jawline
  • When your teeth are feeling sensitive against something hot or cold

If you experience any of these above-mentioned instances, then it is suggested to visit an endodontist as early as possible. However, the first thing to do is book an appointment with your dentist to let them know about the condition of your tooth so that they can take necessary steps to treat your issue. They will then decide whether or not to prescribe endodontic attention for your condition.

Endodontists – The Specialists 

Every endodontist that you meet is a dental expert working for any of the Rancho Bernardo dental care. However, not all dentists are endodontists. Studies have shown that the maximum percentage of a dental expert being an endodontist is about 3%.

The dentists that have completed their dental education are allowed to carry on with their studies for another couple of years to complete their endodontic education. During these years, the dentists are taught to perform the complex treatments that follow during a dental procedure.

A procedure that Requires the Attention of an Endodontist 

Endodontists handle many dental care services if and when needed. They perform surgeries, and root canal treatments, handle traumatic dental injuries and offer pain-free dental implant installation services. They come up with the best solution that is required for any dental issue and make sure that the procedures will not cause any kind of extra stress on the health of their patients.

Endodontists can perform more than 25 root canal procedures per week whereas a general dentist will not take up more than 2 treatments per week. The patients can experience the best results from the procedures that are performed by endodontists, as expert hands can offer excellent services for the patients.

Specializations of Endodontists 

Endodontists specialize in many dental procedures and they are listed below.

  • Tooth Root Issues 

Severe teeth issues cannot be handled by a general dentist. Some gum diseases and deep cleanings require expert attention and an endodontist is an ideal person in such cases.

  • Gum Health 

Some periodontal diseases require the special attention of an experienced hand in these cases. The right person for handling such cases are the ones that are trained specially for a couple of years in this field. Endodontists can handle anything related to laser treatments, implants, lengthening of dental crowns, regenerative procedures, and so on, and they are the best solution for all kinds of gum health.

Any endodontist working for the Rancho Bernardo dentistry services will have completed their bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biology subject or any other related field as required for the dental degree. After completing the 3 years of bachelor’s degree in dental specialization, the next step is the 4-year accredited dental degree in the endodontic field.

The requirement of studying more about dental care and health makes it impossible for dentists to pursue further degrees in the endodontic field. Studies have shown that only 3 out of 100 dentists will pursue their further endodontic degrees. Even though the study of dental care and health is quite rare, the specialist factor that these endodontists learn will surely make it possible for them to be in demand whenever in need of expert dental care.