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What are the fertility treatment options for LGBTQ?

It’s everyone’s dream to have and create a family of their own at some point in life. A part of it includes having children for all individuals, including the LGBTQ family. Unfortunately, it’s not usually obvious, as it has its challenges too, which often involve fertility issues. But with a fertility specialist, you can say goodbye to your problems and make your dream a reality. Contact the LGBTQ Fertility Mountain View specialist today to understand some of your fertility options. In this article, we discuss LGBTQ fertility treatments.

What are LGBTQ fertility treatments?

Other than adopting a child, the LGBTQ family has few choices when it comes to having children. But the team at NOVA IVF makes it possible by providing various effective fertility treatments for lesbians and gay couples.

What fertility treatments are available for lesbians?

NOVA IVF team understands the challenges a lesbian couple undergoes to receive a family and provides various services to help them start a family. They perform a comprehensive health evaluation to help find the best fertility treatment for you.

They offer sperm donor intrauterine insemination through ovary stimulation or in a natural cycle. The sperm donor may be someone you know or anonymous. Suppose intrauterine insemination fails, or you have other fertility issues, such as ovulation abnormalities and tubal blockages, your provider may recommend in-vitro fertilization.

IVF occurs when your provider retrieves the eggs from the ovaries and fertilizes them with sperm in the lab. Then they transfer the embryo to the uterus.

NOVA IVF provides various options for IVF, including one partner can have IVF with an embryo from their partner’s eggs or their eggs. Another option involves IVF on both partners either using their eggs or their partner’s eggs.

What are the fertility options for gay men?

Surrogacy provides a good fertility option for gay men. The NOVA IVF team partners with surrogacy agencies to help gay men find a surrogate match. They also guide or help you with the process if you already have a surrogate.

Which LGBTQ fertility treatment is best for you?

Your provider at NOVA IVF hopes to grow your family using your preferred methods. The team works with you through comprehensive consultations and fertility evaluations to find the fertility method that best suits you.

NOVA IVF neither offers surrogacy nor sperm donation services. However, they assist in finding the right surrogate match and making the fertility treatment process successful. The team also guides and advises you in making the right decision.

Your provider works with you as a person and creates a customized treatment plan to meet your specific needs. NOVA IVF gives an integrative and customized approach to fertility care, providing successful results.

Everyone deserves the joy of growing a family. The fertility specialists at NOVA IVF are here to assist in achieving your dream family. They have various fertility options for LGBTQ couples, including IVF, sperm donor, and surrogacy services.

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