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Top Conditions Affecting Men’s Health to Watch Out For

Men have been assumed to be more muscular and physically the strongest gender. However, when health matters are concerned, it is completely otherwise. Men are more prone to several diseases due to various social, environmental, genes, drug abuse, and lack of early exams. These conditions affecting men’s health los angeles have caused tremendous social, economic, and mental consequences. Therefore, it is important to watch out for their overall health if you are around a man. Let’s look at some top conditions affecting men’s health to watch out for.

Liver Disease

Over the past few years, a significant population in the USA was noted to have liver disease. When you have liver concerns, your body will have trouble during digestion, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating toxic substances. Some conditions that can cause liver complications to include viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, and alcoholic liver disease. Therefore, it is important to abstain from habits that can increase liver diseases.


Cancer is one of the common causes of the most deaths among American men. Prostate, skin, lung, and colorectal cancers commonly affect men. Usually, healthcare providers recommend embracing a healthy lifestyle and going for regular screening to keep these cancers at bay. Some easy routines, such as wearing sunscreen, abstaining from smoking, and avoiding much consumption of red meat, can lower the risk of cancer.


Depression concerns are also common among most men. The worst part of this condition is that it can go undetected since symptoms may vary. Sometimes you may experience depression in the form of irritability or anger instead of sadness. Moreover, you may sweep these feelings under the rug. Therefore, if you suspect signs of depression, you should notify a healthcare provider, like a therapist.


Diabetes is one of the common issues affecting most men. It is dangerous if left untreated as it can cause nerve and kidney damage, vision challenges, heart diseases, and stroke. Moreover, if you have diabetes, you are more susceptible to sexual impotence and lower testosterone levels. These effects can lead to surged anxiety and depression. You should consult a healthcare provider to know the right diet and exercises to embrace, as these two are integral in controlling diabetes.

Substance Use Disorder

Research shows that most men are more likely to abuse drugs like smoking, marijuana, and hallucinogens than women. Moreover, they are more vulnerable to suffering many alcoholic-linked deaths. Since substance use is more accepted in society among men, it can be complex to recognize it as a symptom of men’s mental health.

Pneumonia and Influenza

Pneumonia and influenza are among the two leading health risks among males. Males who experience compromised immune symptoms due to cancer, diabetes, AIDS, and congestive heart failure are more prone to these diseases. Besides, 25% of men are more likely to die than women from pneumonia and influenza. Therefore, you should consult your doctor for vaccination to prevent these illnesses.

Men’s contribution to the growth of the economy must be noticed. Therefore, the impact will be felt whenever a man is struggling with an illness. Men should thus embrace a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy, exercising, and abstaining from substance use. They should also go for regular checkups because a lack of early diagnosis of some conditions like cancer can be life-threatening and affect the overall quality of life.