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Restore Your Dental Aesthetics With Crowns And Bridges

A smile tells a lot about your personality, and you need an attractive smile to create a social impact. However, damaged, crooked or decayed teeth can make this goal difficult. If your dental imperfections make you self-conscious, you may benefit from the crowns and bridges Houston at Dr. Busch’s practice.

An overview of crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are dental prostheses that replace or repair damaged, missing or decaying teeth. Crowns and bridges have a similar goal, but they have significant differences in their appearance and functioning.

  • Crowns

Dental crowns are customized caps your provider places over damaged teeth to cover, protect and restore the shape of your pearly whites when fillings become ineffective. These restorations don’t require any special attention and care other than good oral hygiene. In addition to restoring your tooth’s shape and strength, dental crowns also enhance your smile aesthetics.

  • Bridges

If you have several missing teeth, you can count on a dental bridge to fill the gaps in your smile. A bridge consists of a metal framework, two crowns, and an artificial tooth. Your provider bonds the metal framework or crowns to your healthy teeth, preventing your dental bridge from moving out of place. The team anchors the bridge to your healthy teeth to ensure the prosthesis lasts longer and can replace several missing teeth.

The procedure of getting a dental crown

During your appointment, your provider examines your mouth to ensure that no other dental problems require treatment. If you have other dental issues like bleeding gums, the team may treat them before placing the crown. Dr. Busch administers an anesthetic during the procedure to ensure you are comfortable. He will remove the faulty pulp from your tooth before cleansing the cavity, providing a clean, healthy surface for the crown to settle on. The team may take digital impressions of your teeth before attaching the temporary crown. They then send these impressions to a lab to customize your permanent dental crowns. In a few weeks, your provider may schedule a follow-up appointment to get your permanent crown, which caps your tooth comfortably, preventing further damage.

The procedure of getting a dental bridge

Getting a bridge is similar to getting a crown, with very few differences. Your provider administers an anesthetic, and if you need root canals or tooth extractions, you may get them at this point. The team then takes digital impressions of your teeth and sends them to the lab to customize your permanent bridge. Meanwhile, they may attach a temporary bridge until the permanent bridge is ready. After a few weeks, you may need to return to the practice to get your permanent bridge. During this appointment, Dr. Busch may make the necessary modifications to ensure that the bridge fits snugly and doesn’t interfere with your speech or eating ability.

After the procedure, the team may instruct you to care for your dental prosthesis to ensure its durability. If you are interested in enhancing your dental aesthetics, call Dr. Busch or use the online scheduling button to create an appointment.