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Why You Should Freeze Your Sperm

Sometimes you might think you will be fertile or healthy to have a child when you are ready. Unfortunately, fertility and health might decline when you least expect it, and you should consider options such as sperm freezing Fort Worth to preserve the health of your sperm. You may consider freezing the sperm when getting a vasectomy as you might decide to have children in the future. However, most people who consider this procedure are either sick or going through procedures that affect their fertility. Here is why you might consider freezing your sperm.

What Happens During the Freeing Process?

Sometimes people freak out when they think about freezing the sperm as they think it reduces the quality of the sperm. However, the process is crypto-preservation which keeps the sperm healthy for a long time. It involves sperm collection, analysis, freezing, and storage. The stored sperm will be used in the future to fertilize an egg through in vitro fertilization perm donations or intrauterine insemination.

The freezing process involves screening for infections like HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, or other life-threatening conditions. The doctor will analyze the quantity and quality of sperm in a semen sample. They will choose viable sperms which are healthy and store them indefinitely through a preservative freezing process.

Why You Should Freeze Your Sperms

Although you might not think about freezing your sperm when healthy, you should consider preserving your fertility through crypto-preservation. The process preserves the sperm making it fertile for a long time, and you can have children when you are ready at any given point. You may wish to preserve the sperm due to advanced age since the sperm quality reduces with age and becomes disposed to genetic issues. You would freeze the sperm due to the deteriorating sperm quality and medical reasons such as cancer development. Pre-vasectomy patients may consider freezing the sperm, especially for fear that the process might not be reversible.

You would preserve your sperm when you are transgender, as changing gender will impact sperm production. Freezing the sperm makes it easy to have children in the future if you choose to reverse the gender change. Additionally, career and lifestyle choices drive most men to freeze their sperm as they work for an extended time which impacts work-life balance.

How Much Sperm Will You Freeze?

The higher the quality of the sperm, the higher the chances of getting healthy sperm after freezing. Thus you would opt to freeze two samples of 2-4 cc in volume to increase the chances of conception. The freezing process has no risks, especially if you collect semen naturally. However, surgical extraction of semen might lead to discomfort but does not impact the quality of collected semen.

You might not think about the benefits of preserving your sperm through freezing, but the process can help you have children in the future. Sperm freezing is ideal for people who develop cancer and are thinking about chemotherapy treatment which affects the quality of the sperm. It is also ideal if you have a demanding career that affects your work and life balance. You may opt for freezing when undergoing vasectomy to increase the chances of having children in the future.