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What are the myths that you should demystify about heat pumps?

Heat pumps never fail to leave their impressions on the homeowners. They are appreciated for being energy-efficient and cost-saving designs. Heat pumps are meant for heating and cooling your home as they are instilled with advanced technology. In this post, we are trying to debunk the common myths associated with these phenomenal devices. Let’s do it together.

  • Heat pumps function only to heat your home

The word ‘heat’ in the heat pumps doesn’t mean it is used only for heating. This is just misleading the people. Heat pumps are the major part of an HVAC system. That means, they are used for heating and cooling your home.

  • Heat pumps are very expensive

Many times people oversee the long-term saving capabilities. This will help in eliminating the requirement of installing additional cooling devices. The heat pump can reduce down the cost of installing, and purchasing. With Gexa Energy plans you’ll be able to choose renewable energy plans that will further reduce your power bills and expenses.

  • The maintenance is very high

Devices like ground source pumps need effort at the time of installation. Heat pumps are nowadays available with filters and scrubbers meant for preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus. The presence of an internal fan makes sure that the device remains dry.

  • Heat pumps make noises

Modern technology is a blessing for us. Because of this, we can now enjoy a noise fee HVAC system. The noises produce usually come from the pump’s fan.

  • Heat pumps are not meant for colder climates

Undoubtedly, the heat pumps perform better in warm climates, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work in colder climates. Moreover, the ground source pumps are actually more suited for colder climates.

  • The device is not the worth

There are numerous studies that show HVAC systems can increase your electricity bill up to 30%. But, the heat pumps are quite energy-efficient design.

The final words

Heat pumps are true for heating and cooling system. This type of technology is renowned for its cost-saving capabilities. Wolfers Heating Services take care of your requirement from installation to maintenance. Our clients are contacting Wolfers Portland heating because they trust us.