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The Secret To A Vibrant Smile

Your smile forms a large portion of your first impression in a new environment. Discolored or stained teeth may put off people and potentially cost you excellent opportunities. The dental hygienist Mesa at Arizona Dental Heights can help enhance your smile and create an excellent first impression. Studies show that people with brilliant smiles are more approachable and trustworthy.

Factors contributing to teeth staining

Teeth whitening is an uncomplicated dental procedure that bleaches your teeth looking whiter and brighter. While the procedure may not result in white teeth, it lightens them by several shades, making your smile more attractive. Teeth whitening is a natural procedure that does not need scraping off your tooth surface. Good oral hygiene is a significant factor in keeping your teeth white and healthy, but it is not enough to maintain your bright smile.

Your teeth may stain due to specific medications, soda, wine, coffee, tea, or smoking. The aging process also contributes to teeth discoloration. As you age, your enamel gradually erodes, exposing your yellow dentine. No need to fret; teeth whitening can remove any stain from your teeth, leaving you with a vibrant smile.

How teeth whitening works

Arizona Dental Heights allows you to achieve your brightest smile by offering two forms of teeth whitening:

  • At-home GLO

An at-home GLO requires you to apply a special gel and a rechargeable mouthpiece to your teeth for about eight minutes. The light and heat disintegrate the tooth stains. At-home GLO contains a milder gel than the in-office gel, so to obtain maximum results, you may need to consider in-office teeth whitening. This type of teeth whitening does not cause pain or sensitivity, so it is appropriate for everyone needing whiter teeth.

  • In-office GLO

You can never regret professional teeth whitening at Arizona Dental Heights. The team conducts the procedure meticulously, leaving you with an admirable set of teeth. The bleaching agent in in-office tooth whitening solutions is stronger, providing better results than at-home kits. To make your teeth three to eight shades lighter, you may need several 60-minute sessions. For the famous Zoom system, your treatment sessions may take at most two hours each.

How to maintain your results after teeth whitening

After your procedure, the team at Arizona Dental Heights may give a set of instructions to help you maintain your brilliant smile. Your provider may recommend avoiding dark drinks or using a straw when taking them, scheduling professional teeth cleanings every six weeks, and quitting smoking. Your doctor may also offer GLO To Go, which you can use as touch-ups when the stains start creeping in again. Brushing and flossing daily is also significant in maintaining your white smile.

Tooth cleaning can temporarily alleviate your tooth sensitivity, making it vital to consult your dentist before teeth whitening. Incorrect usage of at-home teeth whitening kits can also cause burning leading to temporarily bleached gums. Tooth-whitening guarantees excellent results for individuals with yellow teeth and offers minimal effects for those with brown teeth.

Design your smile appearance by calling Arizona Dental Heights or booking an appointment online.