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The Big Joe BBQs Provided By the One and Only BBQs 2u

BBQs 2 u is a family business run by three generations. They are passionate about barbeques and grilling and want to spread their knowledge to their loving customers. You will find all the big brands like Kamado Joe, Ooni Pizza Oven and Napolean barbecue products with them to share with their customers.

Big Joe BBQs by Kamado Joe

This is very supreme in size and is having around 24 inches cooking area which is perfect for every crowd. With all their innovative techniques, you will enjoy the charcoal experience as you have never before.

For you to experience a good deal, all you need to do is to choose a pack that is quite suitable for you. This includes an Element pack, Explorer Pack, Discovery Pack, Quest Pack, Adventurer Pack, and the Voyager Pack.

BBQs 2 u is a proud Kamado Joe Elite Authorised dealer. This simply means that BBQs 2 u is recognised as an awesome KJ dealership, both in-store and on the online site. You can get the best of KJ products with good customer service. One more positive point about this is that they get all the latest KJ products first. Along with the good quality product, you can get a good warranty period.

Big Joe is very quickly becoming a favourite amongst its users, as it has a gigantic cooking grill for the bigger BBQ cooks. They have a half grid cooking grate Expander set-up that can hold the food above the main cooking grid or set-up. This Expander can help to cook pizza high in the dome. If you want to cook for smaller quantities then you can simply divide the firebox with a basket divider plate, thus making a dual temperature zone.

One of the best Big Joe BBqs is their Kamado Joe – Big Joe III – Voyager Pack. This is a new one that has been made with new innovations shared with the Classic 3. The cooking surface is big enough for cooking in larger amount for big families.

This Big Joe grill consists of a cart and a table with new innovations like the revolutionary Hyperbolic SloRoller Smoke Chamber insert. The SloRoller is developed by Harvard University and has the capacity to control the heat and the smoke inside by harnessing the power of cyclonic airflow. This gives a perfect texture and taste for your food by cooking at a low and slow speed i.e. up to 500

In this Voyager pack, you will get the following Kamado Joe items

  • Kamado Joe Big Joe III
  • JoeTisserie Rotisserie
  • XL-sized Lumpwood Charcoal 9kg
  • Grill Cover
  • Dojoe
  • Cast Iron Half Moon Reversible Griddle
  • Cast Iron Half Moon Cooking Grate
  • Soapstone
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Cooking Grate
  • Joetisserie Basket Set
  • Pizza Peel
  • Fire Starters

The price for this item together is around £4145.

BBQs 2 u can give you free shipping services all around the UK with a price and a bundle match option too. Along with the best after-sale service, the return in case of any problems is also quite easy.