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Outsmart The Sneaky Signs Of Aging With Laser Genesis

Premature aging signs may give away your age, preventing you from freely enjoying youthful activities. These imperfections may affect your mood and the overall quality of your life. Fortunately, your Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center cosmetic specialist Brooklyn can turn back your clock from head to toe with laser genesis, an excellent non-invasive cosmetic treatment.

What areas can laser genesis address?

Laser is a painless, non-invasive procedure that utilizes laser energy to introduce heat to your skin. This procedure eliminates wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and other skin imperfections that may interfere with your beauty. Typically, laser genesis is excellent for improving the appearance of rosacea, fading scarring, and sealing broken blood vessels.

This excellent procedure is safe because it works for individuals of all skin tones and ages with minimal complications. Although this treatment is safe for everyone, pregnant women are not eligible for laser treatments, including this one. As a one-in-all cosmetic treatment, laser genesis is popular among men and women.

This cutting-edge procedure restores your beauty by heating the tissues underneath your skin surface, promoting collagen production. Laser genesis at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center promotes vibrant, glowing skin by addressing the imperfections related to your aging process. This procedure is also an excellent laser resurfacing approach for acne scars and sensitive skin because it evens your skin tone while killing bacteria that may interfere with your skin’s health. Laser genesis is suitable for any part of your body, including hands, neck, shoulders, and decolletage.

What should you know before your laser genesis treatment?

You may not be eligible for laser genesis if your skin is burned or tanned due to prolonged sun exposure. You may need to skip your prescription medications for several days to prevent interference with the laser genesis results.

What happens during laser genesis?

Laser genesis enhances your physical appearance within 30 minutes. Although the procedure is non-invasive, it requires the expertise of a high-trained cosmetic dermatologist to prevent significant complications and obtain the desired results. Your provider may cleanse your skin during your treatment and offer safety eyewear such as goggles.

Afterward, your physician glides a laser handpiece over the target areas transmitting non-ablative lasers to heat your dermis, promoting collagen production that tightens your skin and plumps your cheeks. You may experience a gradual warming sensation which most patients describe as relaxing and feeling like a jacuzzi.

The fractional approach promotes quick recovery with fewer complications and risks. As with all cosmetics, laser genesis has a downside: you need multiple treatment sessions to attain maximum results. You may need to care for your skin to make this investment worthwhile diligently.

Is laser genesis costly?

The cost of your treatment varies with the location of the treatment area and the number of sessions you need. Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center offers laser genesis at affordable prices and ensures that you are content with your investment by providing excellent services and long-lasting results. You may discuss the pricing during a consultation with your provider or visit the facility’s website.

Call the Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center office or book your spot online for more information about laser genesis.