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How can a sexual harassment attorney help you?

Facing sexual harassment can be quite confusing and emotionally draining. Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other conduct which is sexual in nature (physical and verbal). These victims often refuse to report such cases out of fear and embarrassment. Sexual harassment is more commonplace in the workplace. All this creates a hostile and offensive environment in the workplace and causes mental distress to the victim. If you face such an issue in Austin, it is best to hire a sexual harassment attorney in Austin before you report the incident. 

A sexual harassment attorney will help you in the following ways:-

Roadmap for your case: Before you report the incident, it is better to consult an attorney. The attorney will lay down the roadmap for the case and assist you throughout the case. A seasoned lawyer will assist you with the right HR or employee to whom you should report possible harassment. They will work with you to describe the conduct with relevant information so that you can report the incident confidently in front of the HR or manager.

Protect you and your rights: A sexual harassment attorney will not only help you prepare to report harassment, but they will also advise you on what other steps will be taken to protect you and your rights. Such situations can cause emotional and mental distress for the victim, and they might not think clearly. The lawyer will help you document the harassment and all discussions with your employer and monitor the employer’s response to the complaint. This evidence is crucial in case your employer retaliates against you. 

Compensation for lost wages: The law prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who report such incidents. If reporting sexual harassment results in a loss of work or income, your lawyer will analyze the case and help you get the right compensation for the damages. 

Punitive damages: In serious cases, the attorney will help you sue the employer. If the employer acted with malice or showed discrimination against your rights, the court will order the employer to compensate for the punitive damages to the victim. 

Final Words

If you face sexual harassment at the workplace, get in touch with a sexual harassment attorney immediately. The lawyer will address all your concerns like if the case is valid or not, the best way to respond to the harasser, how to prevent the employer from retaliating after reporting, etc. Such experiences can be quite traumatizing, but with an attorney by your side, you will overcome the phase.