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Everything You Need to Know About Old Tile Replacement – DIY Tricks and More

One of the first places that show wear and tear in a property is floor. Even though tiles are durable for walls and flooring, they can deteriorate over time. In such a case, you have to contact a professional tile removal service to replace them with trendy tile and restore the lusty and shiny look.

When you have to replace the old tiles?

Here are a few conditions that help you to know it’s time to replace the existing tiles with new one. They include:

Crumbling grout

Grouting problems can lead to rigorous cracks within a short time. If you find grouts of the tiles crumbling, then contact a reputed tile and floor removal services as soon as possible to replace the tiles.

Cracked tiles

If you find cracks in various places, then replace the cracked tile. It is because you may not find the matching tiles in the long run and you may have to replace the entire tiles.

Growth of moulds

Improper cleaning and maintenance leads to growth of moulds in the tiles grout. If it is hard to remove those moulds, then you have to replace the tiles with the new ones.

In addition to the above, if you find small holes, too slippery, lack of warmth, and others, you have to consider replacing the existing tiles.

Types of flooring

There are a range of flooring systems including glue down flooring, tile flooring, floating flooring, glued planks, nailed timber, glue down carpet, and more.

These days, you can find flooring removal services that provide experienced technicians to handle various flooring systems. They will have sound knowledge of using the latest equipment, which helps for replacing the old tiles in an efficient manner at an affordable price.

Tips to repair cracked tiles

Replacement is necessary for tiles that are cracked due to dropping of heavy objects or regular wear and tear. If the tiles are not badly damaged or the replacement is out of your budget, then you can try tile floor repairs DIY triks. The following are a few tips that help you in repairing the cracked tiles (which are slightly damaged) by yourself.

Paint the cracks

Tiles with hairline, small cracks are easy to repair. It is considered as a cover-up instead of repair. All you have to do is apply paint that resembles the tile’s color or paint the whole floor with new color.

  • Apply the paint with a cotton swab
  • Let it dry
  • Wipe the excess paint with a damp cloth

Use nail polish remover

If excess nail polish has fallen down on the floor accidentally, then take a cotton swab and pour few drops of nail polish remover on it to remove it.

Apply glaze

Although, this procedure doesn’t fix the broken tile, it can help to fill the cracks and avoid further damages. For effective results, you can use the first method along with this.

Replace the existing tiles

If the cracks are too large, then replacing old tile flooring is an ideal option. Before trying it, find the right size, shape, and color tiles.

To correct your flooring system issues, choose the best floor removal company that offer the best services and contact today.