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Everything you need to know about a DOT physical 

It’s a requirement for every commercial driver to have a valid driver’s license and a medically approved DOT physical. Typically, their work entails working for extended hours, meaning they need to be physically and mentally healthy to conduct their everyday activities. However, asheboro dot physical provides you with services to check whether you can drive large commercial vehicles. 

It is also vital to note that you can only obtain this card if you successfully pass a DOT physical which will be conducted by a certified health professional. If these procedures sound new to you, here is everything you need to know about a DOT practical.

Understanding a DOT physical 

It’s a mandatory medical examination for every commercial driver before being permitted to drive. The DOT physical is a necessity by the (Department of Transport) to ensure you meet the set standards of your job and you can operate with passengers without risking their lives. Usually, the exam consists of a medical history review and a physical examination. 

Who should consider a DOT physical?

While this exam is a strict requirement for commercial heavy vehicle drivers, it specifies the category of people that must adhere to it. If you transport hazardous materials or operate a vehicle with more than 8 people, you should obtain a DOT physical. Additionally, if your vehicle has a combined gross weight of 26,001 lbs, you should have a DOT physical medical card. 

What does the physical exam look like?

The DOT exam will typically focus on checking your health history, blood pressure, and vision and hearing ability. Also, your provider will keenly check on any potentiality of a health problem that may put you at risk of operating a commercial vehicle. Your doctor will also assess if you’ve ever had surgery before or if you’re addicted to any illicit substances through a drug test. It also includes several tests like urinalysis. 

How often do you need a DOT exam? 

Mostly, if you pass your DOT physical, you will receive a medical card that lasts up to two years. This means you’ll have to retake your physical after every two years since your card will expire. However, you must have frequent medical examinations if you have an underlying chronic medical condition. If you live with conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or cardiovascular disease, you need to take quarterly or annual exams. Although regular exams can seem inconvenient, they are instrumental in safeguarding your health against impairments or injuries when in your line of duty. 

What can cause me to fail my DOT physical?

You can fail your exam, especially if you don’t meet the physical exam requirements. Poorly managed chronic health conditions, failed hearing or vision tests, epilepsy, narcolepsy, and extensive substance abuse can lead to a failed DOT physical. However, if you fail your first exam, you can re-apply if your medical conditions improve. 

What should I bring during the DOT physical?

While what you should carry with you during the exam varies with your individual healthcare needs, you should bring your medical records, especially if a new doctor is conducting the exam. Also, you should share with your doctor contacts of previous physicians you have worked with, and any lenses, glasses, or hearing aids required to drive. However, you can consult your doctor before the exam to comprehend what is required of you. 

If you’re a commercial driver, you have no reason to evade having a DOT physical since it’s a requirement. The medical examination isn’t only beneficial for your work purposes and helps you understand your health status so you can take effective measures to safeguard yourself.