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7 Things to Be Careful About Before Installing Ceramic Floor Tiles in Your House

Are you planning to refurnish your flooring? Checking for new designs to match your house theme? Well, if the answer is yes, then there are few things you need to keep in mind before installing ceramic floor tiles: Ceramique au Sommet.

  1. Ceramic Tiles Are Cold On Surface

If you are living in a hot and humid weather, ceramic tile is the best option for you as these tiles sustain cooling in your house. If you are living in a cold region then you might have to use carpeting on ceramic flooring.

  1. Hard On Surface

Unlike wooden flooring, ceramic tiles are hard on surface. This quality makes it tough for others to stand on it for a longer duration. So when you are planning to put ceramic flooring in your house, also make a habit of walking in shoes or floaters for ease and comfort.

  1. Ceramic Tiles Are Heavy Weight

Although, ceramic tiles are the best option for ground flooring, you should reconsider them for upper-storey installation. The reason being it is heavy in weight. If you are planning to construct a floor in a building and use ceramic tiles, it is first advisable check its structural capacity by a professional.

  1. Tricky Installation Process

The installation of ceramic tiles requires proper managing and a professional guidance. There is a certain set of equipment used for the installation of these tiles. As these tiles are heavy and hard, they should be handled with a lot of care.

  1. Edge To Edge Measurement

Ceramique au Sommet tiles are heavy duty tiles and require a little extra time in cutting and polishing. It is therefore essential to know the exact measurement of your flooring before installing ceramic tiles. For this, you will need the support and guidance of a professional only.

  1. Be Cautious Of Health Ailments

Well, if you are suffering from bronchitis, pneumonia or are prone to asthma, you need to take a break while these tiles get installed in your house. This can be a temporary pause. The airborne dust out of the installation process of these tiles can provoke certain allergies and health disorders. The rest stays normal post installation.

  1. Cannot Sustain Unevenness

Ceramic tiles are prone to crack easily if the floor becomes even a little uneven. Even if a heavy thing falls on the surface of this type of flooring, the tiles crack easily. It is thus advisable to use a rug or carpet on the flooring soon after the installation of these tiles.