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7 Common Procedures Performed At A Med Spa

The medical spa industry has become increasingly popular in recent years. More individuals now prefer non-intrusive procedures and treatments to rejuvenate their bodies and skin. The med spa blends the relaxing atmosphere of a traditional day spa with the procedures and expertise you generally find at a general clinic. Besides, woodland hills ca medspa is also overseen by a medical practitioner like a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. These specialists are not necessarily required to perform every treatment themselves, but they must be affiliated with the practice. Here are some of the common procedures to expect at the med spa.

  1. Facials

You may undergo a facial at a traditional day spa or medical spa. A day spa facial is generally focused on pampering and relaxation. Conversely, a medical spa facial could be just as relaxing, but it aims to treat some specific skin concerns. Thus, the products utilized will probably be of prescription strength that guarantees they meet the desired outcomes.

  1. Massages

It is common for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other physicians to add various massages to their services. Luckily, medical spas have not lagged. The range of massage alternatives in medical spas varies based on the med spa, its location, and the practitioner’s specialty.

Nonetheless, these services are frequently available either as stand-alone procedures or add-ons to supplement other treatments. The most prevalent massages provided include hot stone massage, acupuncture, sports massage, reflexology, and more.

  1. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels enhance the look of the skin on your face, neck, and hands. Here, your doctor applies a chemical solution to the skin to make it peel, revealing fresh, smooth, and less damaged skin after some time. Based on the skin concerns you want to treat, your doctor may suggest a superficial peel or one that penetrates the deeper skin layers.

  1. Injectables

The most prevalent injectable treatments include dermal fillers and Botox. These procedures smoothen out wrinkles and deep lines on the face. Your procedure can also significantly reduce the look of crow’s feet, raise the corners of your mouth and eyebrows, and plump up areas that have lost volume, like the lips.

  1. Laser Hair Removal

When shaving blades and creams can help with hair removal, some individuals get tired of shaving repeatedly. Laser hair removal provides a more lasting solution, and this is available at most med spas today. 

The laser technology targets the hair follicles, which keep hair from regrowing. Based on the targeted area, you may need several sessions to enjoy your desirable results.

  1. Fat Removal and Body Sculpting 

Body sculpting is a non-intrusive treatment that can help you attain the desired physique in minutes. This treatment is perfect for individuals who want to address specific troublesome fat areas without enduring surgery.

  1. Skin Tightening

PDO threads are one of the most popular skin-tightening procedures. Your doctor inserts these biodegradable threads underneath the skin to encourage collagen synthesis.

Microneedling is yet another procedure that can help you attain tighter skin, and functions more like PDO threads. This procedure involves creating tiny skin injuries to trigger wound healing. As these wounds repair, a heightened synthesis of elastin and collagen helps to firm up the skin. 

Med spas have become more popular recently for men and women alike. These practices strive to combine the services of a typical day spa with a medical clinic. Anybody seeking to enhance their look, especially if you have tried over-the-counter products with little-to-no success, is a candidate for medical spa procedures. Besides, a med spa could be appropriate if you want to rejuvenate your look without the risk of surgery and a long recovery time. Nevertheless, you should highlight all the existing health concerns and drugs you use to ensure your physician designs a safe care plan.