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5 Ways You Can Speed Your Total Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery

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Total knee replacement surgery can be employed when arthritis or other joint disease causes severe pain. The total knee replacement Albany specialists evaluate how the condition is affecting the quality of your life and evaluate your medical history to determine if you are eligible for the treatment. The surgical intervention is one of the most successful and effective treatments for managing knee joint pain. But recovery is often a long road that requires quality preparations and decisions. Here are the top five tips for your total knee replacement recovery surgery.

  1. Managing Pain

It is natural to expect postoperative pain after a total knee replacement surgery. But the most important thing is knowing how you can effectively manage the situation to make your recovery smooth. Remember that pain is subjective, and you ought to understand how to describe it, including pinpointing its location and intensity accurately. This will help lay down better pain management plans to minimize discomfort and speed your recovery. Therefore, ensure you discuss with your care team your painful symptoms and lay down an effective plan to manage them, including taking pain medications.

  1. Get Back to Your Feet Soon

Total knee replacement surgery recovery is not always easy. However, you ought to walk as soon as possible to facilitate the recovery period. Try walking to help avoid complications like blood clotting, improve blood circulation and ensure your joint remains limber. You can start walking while still at the hospital but take it easy and have the help of your care team. You can use a walker to facilitate walking without putting more pressure on your knee. It will help deliver essential nutrients to your knee for healing and effective recovery.

  1. Consider Physical Therapy

Your care team will probably include physical therapy as a crucial part of your recovery plan. You must get to a rehab center after your surgery to learn the exercises that will promote the healing of your knee. Even when you are feeling well and fine, it is essential to learn physical activities to do even at home to speed your recovery. They help strengthen your leg, restore movement to your joints, and get you back on your feet soon.

  1. Develop an Exercise Regime

In addition to your physical therapy activities, generating a recovery exercise regime different from the movements you have learned is crucial. The exercises should aim at strengthening your muscles to facilitate faster healing. However, be cautious with exercise as it can be painful and cause complications when poorly done. Therefore, ensure you are doing the right exercises and the right way. Do not push yourself too hard no matter how you want to heal quickly.

  1. Rest

Resting is an essential part of your recovery. Therefore, ensure you balance your movements with enough rest to facilitate quick healing. You might experience some swelling in the first days after your surgery which you can improve with adequate rest and leg elevation. You can also use ice therapy when resting to boost your healing time. Ensure you take enough time off your activities and work for rest.

Total knee replacement will indeed change your life if you are eligible. Talk to the specialists at Orthopaedic Associates to understand if you can benefit from the treatment. You can make your consultation appointment through the online platform or give them a call.