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5 Reasons Why PDO Thread Lifting Is So Popular

Aging signs like sagging skin and wrinkling could be frustrating for anybody. In some individuals, these concerns emerge very early, robbing them of their youthful-looking look. This issue has forced numerous people to look into various skin rejuvenating solutions. In the past, the sole way to treat these aging problems was a surgical facelift. However, more revolutionary and less intrusive alternatives like the kingwood thread lift are available. This procedure smooths facial lines and wrinkles and tightens the skin using dissolvable threads strategically positioned underneath the skin. Here are the many benefits of a PDO thread lift.

  1. It Utilizes Safe Materials

PDO thread lifting utilizes medical-grade, safe materials known as Polydioxanone, which the body breaks down naturally. It takes the body around 6 months to eliminate this material from the body.

The by-products of these materials leave the body in the form of carbon dioxide and waste. Therefore, the risk of complications from a PDO thread procedure is significantly reduced. 

  1. Generates Lasting Outcomes

Injectables, such as dermal fillers, generally only provide outcomes that last a few months or a year. However, the outcomes of a PDO thread can last about 3 years or more. Some patients opt to undergo the treatment on a regular, ongoing basis to prolong the outcomes and indefinitely maintain a fresh, youthful look. Nevertheless, you can adopt several healthy lifestyle habits to prolong the outcomes of your thread lift, such as consuming enough water, consuming lots of vegetables and fruits, and enjoying enough restful sleep.

  1. It Is Minimally Invasive

Unlike a facelift surgery and other invasive aesthetic procedures that provide rejuvenating results, a PDO thread is minimally intrusive. The treatment leaves no cuts or scarring. Besides, a thread lift demands no preparation or huge downtime, which means you can attend your treatment session and drive yourself home thereafter.

Moreover, a PDO thread lift treatment lasts only 30-60 minutes. Most specialists recommend patients take several days off from their routine activities to help with healing. However, this timeline is relatively short, compared to the weeks required to recover from surgery.

  1. You Can Combine It With Other Anti-Aging Procedures

Your specialist can combine your PDO thread lift with other anti-aging therapies to help you attain your desired aesthetic look. Typical examples of procedures you may effectively combine with your thread lift include Microneedling, Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facials. Sometimes, your aesthetic specialist can use the thread lift to enhance surgical outcomes.

  1. Affordable

Some patients tend to assume that a PDO thread lift is costly. However, this therapy is among the most affordable aesthetic facial procedures, especially when compared to surgery. Besides, even if the upfront cost of the procedure might be higher than other solutions like Botox and fillers, its outcomes last longer, which could be cost-saving eventually.

Almost everybody desires to look healthy and young. Unfortunately, with aging, it is common to experience loose skin, wrinkling, and sagging facial muscles. Luckily, advanced aesthetic procedures like a PDO thread can address these issues. Thanks to the minimally intrusive nature of this procedure, it is appropriate for many people. Besides, it rejuvenates the skin by restoring collagen and elastin production to offer lasting outcomes. If you want to address your troublesome aging signs without the risks, side effects, and downtime associated with traditional facelifts, discuss eligibility for PDO thread lifting with your doctor.