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5 Critical asked questions to ask your dealer about armored Sedans/SUVs

If you are looking for an armored sedan, think of no other vehicle to compare it with.  Troy Armoring SUV is one of the most preferred options for safety and security reasons. These vehicles offer a wide range of services, features, and functions to enhance your safety as well as traveling experience. While most business professionals and VIPs are using armored sedans and SUVs, a common individual can also choose any of these options to add comfort and convenience to their vehicle.

Get in touch with a good dealer to seek support on how you can get the best deal on your Sedan or SUV. Refer to the most frequently asked questions to dealers to save time and efforts. If your question or query is not in the list below, you can get it resolved by visiting the dealer directly.

5 Most asked questions to dealer about armored Sedans/SUVs:

  1. How soon can I get my sedan armored?
  • Generally, the process of armoring takes about 4 to 8 weeks depending on the requirements and customization desired by user. Choosing a good dealer may shorten the time; however, you can always discuss it mutually with them directly to check the deadlines and possibilities for early delivery.
  1. Can I drive a used armored sedan?
  • Armored Sedans or SUVs are put up on sale by some dealers. Thus, you can choose between brand new or used armored vehicles as per your budget or affordability. Buying used vehicles from a reliable dealer can get you a good deal. Ensure that the vehicle has gone through the inspection and passed quality tests of maintenance.
  1. Can I take armored SUV or Sedan to another country?
  • Yes you can. In fact, armored Sedans or SUVs can also be shipped internationally. You may have to discuss the logistics of international shipping and any other costs that may be involved directly with the dealer.
  1. What security level can I expect from an armored SUV/Sedan?
  • Armored Sedans or SUVs may come with different levels of protection. As per the package and user requirements, the level of safety as well as security changes. For instance the vehicle may have normal, medium, to high level of protection. Your Troy Armoring SUV or Sedan dealer will guide you further on the same.
  1. Are armored vehicles affordable options?
  • The cost of armored vehicle may vary as per the level of protection installed by the dealer. However, these are sensible investments to life safety and security.